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Possibly the Worlds Best Cover Lifter

Reduce Costs & Injuries

HARRIS EasyLifter

M.H. Surveys 2-man lifting mode Cover Cracker
One-man lifting mode Two-man lifting mode Cover Cracker
M.H. Surveys M.H. Surveys M.H. Surveys
Wheeler Lifter and Spreader Bar Wheeler Lifter and Universal Chains Tripod and Universal Chains

Let the EasyLifter do the lifting

Save your back

Most back and spinal pain is caused by continual bad lifting, twisting and stretching, not single trauma injuries.

The most common area for back pain is the lumbar or lower back region. If you lift an object incorrectly, you can exert pressure of more than ten times the weight of that object on your lower back.

As well as allowing you to comply with current manual handling regulations, the HARRIS EasyLifter reduces your costs by maximizing your workforce.

A single worker can do what two did, Safely